Friday, March 20, 2009

my assignment

Why I thinks this video commercial is creative, it is because this video has a sense of humor and mystery. That's make me to watch this video and I want to know what is happen actually. At first I really don't even know what is really happen when 1 man put up his shoes outside from his room and suddenly the cleaner was fainted. The second incident happen at gym and everyone fainted after this man open his shoes. It' really funny when everyone fainted at the same time. The same incident happen in his meeting when he take off his feet just to scratch it, and everyone in meeting room was fainted. At the last scene in this video, one women was scream and bedlam situation in front of the cinema, and then we know why that happen, because that man open his shoes in the cinema. At the last I know why everyone fainted after that man open his shoes, this is because the stinky shoes that man wearing make everyone fainted and crazy. This commercial video actually explaining about how important for us to wearing the good shoes and take a good care on our feet. If not, the same thing will happen to us.

thank you...

mohd hazwan izzat bin mohamed amin


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